Hairpiece order

Hair loss and hair replacement such as hairpieces, toppers and wigs are a very intimate matter. Many women have problems talking openly about it and confiding in someone. Therefore, it is all the more important not to get the wrong person when buying hairpieces and thus, in the worst case, give up the whole subject and continue to be unhappy with their own "hair".

Ordering hairpieces online requires a lot of confidence and, of course, a portion of courage. To make your decision to order a topper from Glückssträhnen as easy as possible, you can find out here what information you need to provide and how the whole process works.

1. The color determination

Finding the right color of a hairpiece is a crucial factor for the naturalness of the hair replacement. To determine your hair color, you are welcome to send us daylight pictures of your hair. The pictures should be taken in daylight, but without direct sunlight. Not too close, not too far is the motto. Your hair should be clearly visible, but not zoomed in. Additionally, we offer a free digital color consultation - email us at!

2. The Hair length

The hairpiece should always be a few centimeters longer than your own hair - then it can still be cut in later by your hairdresser. You want a lion's mane? No problem. The topper can also be quite a bit longer than your own hair - in that case, your hair should be at least 40 cm and the montage should be big enough to give you enough coverage, though.

3. Size of the topper

The montur (i.e. the "cap" on which the hair is strung) should definitely cover any bald spots in the top of your head. For diffuse hair loss, it depends on the amount of hair you want. For an inconspicuous look, we recommend a 17x17 cm cap, if it may be a little more, you can also reach for a 20x20 cm cap.

4. Hair density

Hair density refers to the number of hairs that are knotted per square centimeter. Our hair density ranges from low (100%) to medium (110%) to high (120%). If you are unsure which density is right for you, please feel free to contact us.

5. Order

You have measured everything and now you know exactly what you need? Then take a look in our store to see if we have something suitable for you in stock. You can usually find new hairpieces in the store on Tuesdays at 6 pm.

6. Digital or personal consultation

You are a beginner in hair replacement and need a little more advice before you decide on a topper or wig? No problem!

In our digital consultation, we'll answer all of your questions and show you what options lucky strands has in store for you. The consultation lasts 30 minutes and costs 40 euros.

A personal consultation is possible in Bensheim an der Bergstraße. In our store, you can try all the hairpieces and wigs we have in stock. The consultation lasts 60 minutes and costs 100 euros. If you decide to buy a hairpiece or wig within 12 months after ordering, 50 euros will be deducted from the purchase price.

You can find out more about our consultation options here.