Wig Order

No wigs in the store - how come?

There's a simple reason for that: at Glückssträhnen they still make the wigs themselves! This is an absolute rarity because the profession of wigmaker is a dying profession. 

Unlike other suppliers, we rework every single wig by hand so that it meets our high standards of naturalness. This process takes about 6-7 hours per wig and includes removing the original lace front, re-tying with the finest euro hair and mohair, and gently bleaching the knots.

Another special feature is that we use donated hair from Germany for the revision of the lace fronts - mostly it comes from women (or their relatives) from our hair loss community on Instagram. But also hairdressers contact us regularly to send us cut hair.

Julia and Lea, two energetic knotters take care of this revision - therefore we can not offer countless wigs in the store like other brands. But the work and the waiting time are worth it - the difference between conventional Lacefronts and the Glücksssträhnen Lacefronts is massive.

 Herkömmliche Lacefront versus Glückssträhnen LacefrontLacefront vor und nach der Übearbeitung

Ordering a wig - this is how it works

If you are interested in one of our wigs, there are two ways to order. 

1. Waiting list

We have some wigs in size M in different colors and lengths in stock. If you are interested in a size M (head circumference between 54-56 cm) you are welcome to contact us with your ideas about length and color.

We will then see if we have something suitable for you in stock. If this is the case, you can reserve this wig without obligation and free of charge until we have revised it. For these wigs, there is a right of return of 14 days after receipt of the goods.

The waiting list is currently closed. We have to process all previous orders and reservations first and will reopen them in due course.

2. Made to measure

Do you wear another size than M or we don't have your wig wish in stock? Then you can order your wig as a custom-made wig. You can choose the style (Silk Top with or without Lacefront, Lacetop, Standard- or Comfort-Cap) as well as the length and density and the color from our color portfolio. 

Made-to-measure models are not more expensive than comparable in-stock models, but they are excluded from exchange. The waiting time for completion is about 6 months.

You are interested in one of the two options? Then send us an email to kontakt@zum-haare-raufen.de