Personal consultation

Hair loss in women is a very sensitive issue, which can sometimes be very emotional. Many women suffer extremely from hair loss - feel less attractive and are even afraid to leave the house. They restrict their lives more and more, do less with friends, family and partner/partner - some even slip into depression as a result. In addition, many women find the subject of hair replacement extremely shameful and find it difficult to come to terms with it at all. If the pressure of suffering is correspondingly great, those affected eventually make friends with the idea that hairpieces and wigs could be an option. Now it is important to find sensitive and well-founded advice that conveys a positive feeling and can give women hope.

Second hair does not have to be a horror

We are concerned with encouraging women with hair loss and showing them a new way to regain their old self. First of all, it is important to take the concerns and needs of our customers seriously - regardless of how advanced the hair loss may seem to outsiders. From our own experience, we know how great the mental suffering caused by the loss of hair can be. It is therefore all the more important to us that our clients leave a consultation with a positive feeling and new hope.

A consultation is not a sales talk

During a Glückssträhnen consultation on hairpieces and wigs, the sale is not in the foreground. The consultation is completely non-binding. To ensure this, our in-depth consultations are not free of charge but range from 40 to 70 euros.

A consultation gives you the opportunity to try on all the hairpieces and wigs in stock and ask our hairdresser and second hair consultant Rebecca all your questions.

Personal consultation in Bensheim

At our retail store, you can make an on-site appointment to try on hairpieces and wigs and get a real feel for whether hair replacement is right for you. 

We have a large selection of toppers and wigs in the studio, however, we still can't guarantee that we will have something suitable for every woman. The requirements due to hair loss type and head shape of each customer are so individual that it is impossible to cover everything.

Especially if you have a long way to travel, you should contact us in advance and tell us your wishes. With head size, daylight pictures, and a detailed description of the specifications you want, we can let you know before your consultation if it's likely we'll have something suitable for your needs in stock.

A personal consultation lasts 60 minutes and costs 70 euros. 

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