Hair replacement on prescription

Haarersatz auf Rezept bei Glückssträhnen

Good hair replacement is not cheap and that makes many women who are already unhappy with their hair status very difficult. So that even women without well-filled petty cash can afford high-quality hairpieces and wigs, the health insurance companies in many cases cover part of the cost.

Hairpiece & wig on prescription: This is how it works

In order to receive a subsidy from your health insurance, you must meet a few conditions. First, you need a prescription from your family doctor, dermatologist or other specialist, which describes your diagnosis as precisely as possible. 

What exactly is written on the prescription is decisive for whether you receive a subsidy and in what amount or for what type of hair replacement. For women with permanent hair loss - for example, due to alopecia androgenetica, alopecia areata/totalis/universalis, or scarring hair loss - hairpieces or wigs made of human hair are the better solution. The diagnosis on your prescription should therefore indicate that your hair loss is advanced and, above all, permanent.

In order for the health insurance company to approve a wig or hairpiece made of human hair, you must have an allergy to synthetic fibers or excessive sweating on the head, for example. Also, very sensitive or scarred scalp can be an indicator for hair replacement from human hair. So check with your doctor whether such a diagnosis exists.

How to fill your prescription with us!

If you have a prescription for human hair replacement, you can use it to get a co-payment for our hairpieces. The settlement with all health insurance companies is done by our partner salon, not by us. So Glückssträhnen is not the service provider.

Important: Before you get your prescription, please discuss with us your ideas and what exactly you are looking for. The prescription can only be redeemed with us if we have something suitable for you in stock.

For the redemption of a prescription, personal consultation at our studio in Bensheim is also mandatory. This is the only way we can make sure that the hairpiece or wig fits you perfectly. This is so important because, with the processing via health insurance, no return of the product is possible. It is not possible to redeem the prescription online without a consultation!

If you have found a suitable product in our personal consultation, a cost estimate is submitted to the health insurance together with your prescription and as soon as this is approved, we individualize your hairpiece or wig for your needs. As already mentioned, this means that the product cannot be exchanged.