Everything about hairpieces & wigs

The hairpiece or wig does not fit, the color does not match your own hair or you do not get along with the hair replacement? Then you can find the return conditions here.

A Topper (or hairpiece) covers the top of the head and is attached to the natural hair with clips. It is suitable for moderate to advanced hair loss.

A Topper covers only the top of the head, the own hair on the sides and back of the head mix with the topper hair. Therefore, it is important that the topper matches the color of your own hair.

A wig encloses the entire head, and your own hair is not visible (in the case of wigs without lace front, your own hair can be pulled out at the front for better concealment). A wig must therefore not necessarily correspond to the own color - here you can live out!

Whether a topper or a wig is better for you depends on two factors: First, how advanced your hair loss is and second, whether you want hair replacements in your own hair color or a different hair color.

If your hair loss is very advanced or you have very little hair at your hairline, then a wig is better for you.

If your hair loss is moderate to advanced, but you have enough hair in the front, then a topper might be right for you.

You can learn even more info in this video: bit.ly/3xvtfPU

We always try to make toppers and wigs with the lowest possible density.

This decision is based on our own years of experience with second hair, but also on the feedback of our customers.

Previous beginners in hair replacement are often overwhelmed if the topper or wig has a lot of hair.

Our Silktoppers have from the assembly always rather more hair than, for example, a Lacetopper. Therefore, we always refer to the density in the store as medium (110%). %.

Our wigs usually have a low (100%) or medium (110%) density.

Here there is no simple answer, because it depends very much on the lifestyle and care of the wearer.

With daily wear and good care strongly blond hairpieces and wigs last about 12 months. Darker toppers and wigs and those made of untreated hair can last for several years.

The maximum length for our Toppers and Wigs is 60 cm with steps, and the minimum length is 30 cm.

Unfortunately this is not possible, your hair should be at least chin length so that you can wear a topper.

Your neck should also not be short or shaved out in any case, because you need your own hair. The topper will only give you hair for the top of your head, if there is none at the back of your head, it will not give a realistic effect.

Absolutely! Gym, jogging and even dancing are no problem. It's best to wear a braid while doing so, so you feel even safer.

For contact or martial arts, where you're on the mat a lot and your head can come into contact with the ground, we recommend leaving the hairpiece at home instead.

Most of our hairpieces and wigs are made with high quality Asian hair (it is also popularly called "Brazilian hair quality", but this is just a marketing term and has nothing to do with the actual origin).

High quality Asian hair is very suitable for hair replacement beginners, because it is easy to maintain and falls beautifully even without much styling, is silky and has a natural shine.

In addition, we are always looking for special colors and textures that can be implemented exclusively by Slavic or European hair - for example, untreated red hair, blonde curly hair, gray hair or naturally wavy hair. Once we have found this hair, we process it into toppers, which can then be found in the store at irregular intervals.

Of course, we only use Remy hair for our products. This means that the hair is knotted in the direction of growth and thus not matted by contrary running cuticle (scale layer).

In an industry that is not regulated, much can be claimed. We value transparency in the origin of our hair. If "European" is written on it, it is also guaranteed in it. This is then also reflected in the price. Real European hair is not cheap, accordingly, the finished hairpiece or wig can not be.

We recommend washing the topper every 10-14 days. A good indication is when either the hair becomes very dry or the cap begins to smell unpleasant.

The shampoo should be sulfate and silicone free, and the conditioner as rich as possible. For treated hair, the conditioner may be happy to silicone - but never applied to the cap. All silicone-containing products should be kept away from the mount, they can otherwise trigger hair loss.

Untreated hair (not bleached, completely intact cuticle) can also be cared for without silicones. the care products should not have any aggressive ingredients to guarantee the longest possible shelf life.

For Toppers and Wigs with treated hair applies: Darker color is possible, lighten not.

Since the hair has already been bleached should not be further lightened. Otherwise, the hair can be permanently damaged, or unexpected color effects can occur.

For darkening, we recommend semi- or demi-permanent color (tints). The cuticle is open in already treated hair and thus absorbs color much faster than untreated hair.

Untreated (virgin) hair qualities can be colored and bleached as desired. However, lightning is always associated with a loss of quality and should therefore be well-considered.

Any color change should always be tested on an inconspicuous area before treatment.

Topper and wigs with Asian hair dry always smooth - unless the hair was curled by means of perm.

The naturally curled hairpieces dry naturally wavy to curly, which you can then take from the product description.


Our standard hair is of Asian origin (Brazilian) and therefore always straight - but it can also be brought into curly or wavy shape with a perm, but this only works with color untreated hair in the tones of black and dark brown.

In addition, we still obtain high-quality naturally curly hair from South America. The structure of this hair is usually finer than the Asian hair and thus comes closer to our Central European hair.

Curly and wavy hair in lighter tones - so from medium brown to blond - must be of European or Slavic origin. This hair is super fine, occurs naturally in all shades, and can be straight, wavy, or curly. Unfortunately, this hair is much harder to find and therefore extremely expensive.

We source our European/Slavic hair directly from Russia and Paris and make wigs from it exclusively - at this stage. Toppers with curly Euro hair we therefore currently do not offer.

Our recommendation is quite clear: no! Anyone who permanently sleeps with a topper or wig significantly shortens the life of the hair replacement.

If you still want to do it, then we recommend a silk pillow to minimize friction.

All our hairpieces and wigs are free parting. With a little water and a hairdryer, you can place the parting exactly where you want.

If you are not yet sure whether you want to keep the product, then use only the coldest level when blow drying.

All about Order & Returns

Beginners with moderately advanced hair loss usually feel most comfortable with a 17x17 cm cap - it provides enough coverage and has a natural-looking amount of hair.

For advanced hair loss or if you want more hair volume, a 20x20 cm cap is the best choice.

Other cap sizes are available as custom orders, you can usually find these two sizes in the store. For more info on cap sizes, check out this video: bit.ly/3jUMiPE

If you are unsure which color might suit you, feel free to send us daylight pictures of your hair situation. They should be taken so that your whole head is easy to see - not too far away, but also not too close.
They should not be taken against the light and also not with direct sunlight.

In addition, you can book a free 15-minute color consultation with us.

To find the right Wig size, you need to determine your head circumference and some other measurements.

How to do that, you will learn in this video: bit.ly/3ktILIj

As custom Wigs are available in sizes S, M, L and XL.

Yes, our packages are completely inconspicuous and without a logo. We also exclude the delivery to neighbors, so that the valuable delivery is not lost.

But even if your family members accept the package, no one will suspect it.

Unfortunately, we can no longer offer custom-made products.

Products purchased through the store can be returned within 14 days of receipt of the goods.

The cost of insured returns is borne by the customer.

We want to avoid returns because they are very time-consuming and costly. If you are unsure which color, cap size, or density is right for you, please contact us before placing an order.

If you want to return a hairpiece or wig, contact us in advance by email to retoure@zum-haare-raufen.de and announce the return.

The product must be in its original condition. That is, it must not have been washed, styled with heat tools, dyed, or worn excessively (trying on at home is allowed, but wearing outside is not). Lace-on wigs must not be shortened.

Please close all clips and make sure there is no hair in them. Then place the product in the hair net and then in the bag. If these instructions are not followed, we will retain an amount of 50 euros from the purchase price.

All accessories and packaging materials must be returned. If you decide to keep a hairpiece holder, wig-grip, or hair band, it will be deducted from the purchase price at the time of refund.

The return must be adequately insured. If the package is lost in the mail and was not adequately insured, we will only refund the insurance amount.

Nein, eine telefonische Beratung können wir nicht anbieten.

Bei Fragen kannst du uns jederzeit eine E-Mail an support@zum-haare-raufen.de schicken.

All about Glückssträhnen

Glückssträhnen is not a contractual partner of health insurance companies. However, the redemption of a prescription is possible through our partner salon and requires a personal consultation in our studio in Bensheim.

You can find everything important about redeeming your prescription here.

Glückssträhnen is a company of women with hair loss for women with hair loss.

We know from our own experience how hair loss affects everyday life as women. We have suffered, we have cried, we have been desperate and we have searched for solutions. For us, wigs and hairpieces are not only accessories, but also the possibility to look "normal", and not to be stared at or pitied.

Glückssträhnen is not a "beauty company", but offers completely normal women with hair loss the opportunity to regain their usual appearance.