Hairpiece Fittings

Whether circular hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, diffuse hair loss - hair loss has many faces. Good hair replacement should be perfectly tailored to the needs of those affected. A big role for naturalness and a comfortable wearing feeling is the fitting of a topper. Here there are different types of construction, suitable for different types of hair loss.

Hairpieces for clipping

Haarteil zum Clipsen
The comb in the front gently holds the hairpiece, and the clips

Hairpieces attached to your own hair with soft clips are suitable for women who do not have completely bald patches on the top of their heads. They are often used in cases of androgenetic alopecia or diffuse hair loss. In these types of hair loss, the amount of hair decreases, but there is usually enough hair left to attach a hairpiece to it.

The lucky strand clips are very soft and can be opened and closed easily and are gentle on the scalp and hair. However, there are women who have very sensitive scalps and find a clip hairpiece uncomfortable or even painful. In these cases, a wig may be a better option.

Glue hairpieces

Haarteil zum kleben
Through the pu strip on the edge, the hairpiece can be glued.

For women with advanced hair loss or large bald patches on the top of the head, a hairpiece for gluing is suitable. For this, the top of the head must either already be bald or shaved. In rare cases, however, women also glue on hair that is still present. The edge strip is made of polyurethane, a skin-friendly plastic that can be bonded to the scalp using liquid glue or adhesive strips.

Hairpieces for gluing and clipping

Haarteile zum kleben und clipsen
In the front area the hairpiece can be glued, in the back there are clips for fastening.

In some women, hair loss is manifested mainly by a decrease in the hairline. The forehead becomes higher and higher and can be concealed only with difficulty by without a fringe. In this case, a monture is suitable, which has a pu strip in the front area and can be glued. In the back area where there is still enough natural hair, there are clips. However, this special construction has the consequence that the hairpiece turns out a little thicker than the standard variant for clipping.

Hairpiece custom made for special needs

Haarteil Maßanfertigung für besondere Bedürfnisse
Custom-made for gluing and with a comb.

Sometimes the needs of women with hair loss are so specific that it must be custom-made. In this case, for example, in the front, there is a pu strip and a comb. The customer still had enough hair in the front but was afraid that she would soon lose it as well. Should this case occur, the comb can be easily cut out and the topper glued. Thus, despite aggravated hair status, there is no need to buy a new topper.

So if you have special needs, it is worth contacting us. Together we will find a suitable solution.