How-To: Haarteile aus Echthaar stylen

How-To: Styling human hair hairpieces

If you've already taken a look around my blog, you'll know that I'm a big fan of hairpieces made from real human hair. To be exact, all my toppers are made of Brazilian human hair. The big advantage of this is that these hairpieces can be styled just like your own hair - you just need to keep a few things in mind to avoid shortening the life of the hairpiece as much as possible. For this, you need a heat protection, which you apply before you start styling. This can be sprays or gels - just follow the product description when applying. The big plus about a hairpiece (especially for styling-illiterate people like me) is that you don't have to do the hairstyle or styling on your own head. The hairpiece is simply placed on a Canvas Head and attached there with T-Pins. But please be careful: never poke the pins through the silktop, otherwise, you risk holes and hair loss. It is best to pierce only through the edge seam and through the sewn-on clips. When you have fastened the topper with 3 to 4 needles, you can start.

Beach waves with a curling iron

I recommend a curling iron that shows the degree on the display - so you can determine exactly how hot your curling iron should get. I use a wand from  Remington and have been happy with it so far. To conjure up those beautiful beach waves that you really see everywhere at the moment, I set the temperature to 140 degrees. Then I take strand by strand and leave each one on the curling iron for 10 seconds. Then I drop the curl into my hand and let it stay in that position for a while. This allows the curled hair to cool down and retain its shape longer. There are super many how-to videos on the net on how to conjure up the perfect beach waves, feel free to look around on YouTube in this regard. Here it should be more about the attachment of the hairpiece, the products used and the heat exposure. Nevertheless, you can watch my little video how I do it.

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Hairpiece styling: Curls without heat

Beach waves with the curling iron are extremely rare for me - actually, only when I want to make myself particularly chic. Otherwise, waves that are created without heat are enough for me. On the one hand, this is much more hair-friendly and on the other hand, it also saves time. To achieve these light waves, you need to spray the hair with a little water so that they are slightly moistened. Then braid your hair and let it dry. After a short time you have the hair so completely gently waved. Another possibility are the good old curlers. Here, too, the hair is slightly moistened and then the curlers can be twisted into the hair. If you search Amazon for "curlers without heat", you will find countless (sometimes very strange-looking) solutions - just look around!

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