How-to: Den Scheitel eines Haarteils anpassen

How-to: Adjusting the parting of a hairpiece

How can I actually adjust the parting of my hairpiece? This is the question some women ask themselves when they finally hold their eagerly awaited alternative hair in their hands. It is often the case that the hair replacement reaches you already styled - the hairpiece may have some nice beach waves and often a center parting. So depending on how you wear your hair in everyday life, the parting may not suit you. However, whether a hairpiece looks natural or is immediately recognizable as such is significantly influenced by the parting.

The good news is: the parting can be adjusted. The bad news is: not with every hairpiece. If you have a hairpiece with a silktop or monotop in the parting, then you can change this part. If you have braids or another montage there, unfortunately you have to live with the styling.

Change the parting: this is how it works

All you need is a style comb, some water in a spray bottle and a hair dryer. To be able to put the hair in its new position, you need to wet the area you want to change with the spray bottle. A few pumps should be enough, the hair does not have to be dripping wet. Then run the end of the comb under your hair and part it on the side where you wear it in everyday life. Of course, as always with a hairpiece, you should proceed very carefully. When you have reached the desired position, you should blow dry the hair on the cold setting. This fixes the parting in this position and prevents it from simply folding over again.

As you can see, changing the parting is super easy and can be done even by the styling-illiterate. If you still can not do anything with the description, it is best to watch the video.



  • Vanni

    Ein großes Lob an deine Seite und vielen Fank für die Mühe! Ich hab gesehen, dass du in Frankfurt lebst. Kannst du ein Haarstudio empfehlen, bei dem man ein Haarteil stylen lassen könnte?
    Lieben Dank im Voraus!

  • Angela

    Thank you for being so helpful xx

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