Brautfrisur trotz Haarausfall - so kommst du zur Löwenmähne

Bridal hairstyle despite hair loss - how to get a lion's mane

One thing in advance: I can not report from personal experience, because I am not married. Nevertheless, I would like to write about this topic, because in the past a wedding in white was out of the question for me simply because of my hair loss. As superficial as it may sound, the thought was just sad for me. I would never have been able to do a nice hairstyle and I wouldn't have liked it in photos either. At a wedding, the bride is probably the person who is most in the spotlight - if frau doesn't feel comfortable then, the day can only be a flop.

With hair loss in the spotlight - a challenge

Basically, this also applies to any other important occasion for which a woman wants to shine. Those who suffer from hair loss like to avoid such situations. This can include concerts, speeches, lectures or the like. The dreaded incidence of light from above will be familiar to all with hair loss. How often I used to feel ashamed because my scalp would glow like a firefly under lamps. Therefore, I avoided many such occasions and missed out on a lot of fun and enjoyment. I want to spare other women with hair loss that! There are incredibly many ways to have exactly the lion's mane you've always wanted on a special day (or any normal day, for that matter).

Alternative hair - sounds much better than hair replacement, doesn't it?

Many women turn to extensions or those hairpieces that are wrapped around the ponytail to provide more hair volume. But when a woman loses hair on the top of her head, this is not the solution. With so-called "Schütthaar" bald spots on the top of the head can be covered rather. This is available online and now also in drugstores in different colors from light to dark. However, you should practice applying it a few times before the big day so that the powder sits well and covers all the important areas.

I myself have no experience with loose hair, because in "my time" (when I did not wear hair replacement) there was no such thing. However, I have heard from other women that they are quite satisfied with it and the hair definitely looks fuller at first glance.

A hairpiece for the wedding?

If it should be so far with me sometime, only a hairpiece comes into question for me of course - I wear them anyway every day. But even those who otherwise do not wear alternative hair, could be very happy with a hairpiece for the wedding. Most women want a lion's mane for their wedding photos - but with hair loss, things look bleak.

The alternative hair is similar to a cap simply placed on the head, clamped with small clips and you can conjure up the most beautiful hairstyles. My hairpieces give me self-confidence and I like to look in the mirror again - and that's how I want to feel at my wedding.

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