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How do I properly care for my hairpiece?

The right hair care can save lives - at least the life of your hairpiece. Hairpieces made of real human hair in particular require a rich care and gentle handling so that they do not become dull and straw-like after just a few weeks. Basically, hair is first of all dead material - similar to finger and toenails, it consists of horn produced in the hair roots. If the hair is still on the head, it is kept shiny and supple by the sebum of the scalp. The hair of a hairpiece does not have this natural care (anymore). Therefore, you should care for them with certain products to enjoy them as long as possible.

My care routine for human hair toppers

There are not only many ways to Rome - there are also many different methods to care for a hairpiece. I'm sharing here what works well for me and my hairpieces. What you read here is the empirical data from many years of alternative hair, online research and common sense.
  • Shampoos should always be free of sulfates and silicone. Surfactants are responsible for making shampoos rid our hair of grease and dirt, and for making them lather so nicely. Unfortunately, they are also aggressive to hair and skin and severely dry out topper hair, and make colored hair fade faster. Added silicone can, in the worst case, make the hair so pliable that the knots come loose on the mount. I, therefore, use the oat shampoo from Weleda.
  • For conditioners, I make sure it is a rich product. Conditioners for dry, damaged and colored hair is quite enough here. Silicone is absolutely welcome and necessary here - but it should only be applied to the length of the hair (not the roots). My favorite here is the Intensive Oil Repair from Balea.
  • After washing and rinsing, I like to apply a spray conditioner from Ellen Wille before carefully detangling the hair by hand.
  • Once the tips seem a little dull and dry, I rub a few drops of Argan oil between my hands and run it sparingly through the tips.
All products that I have linked or described here, I use myself in everyday life and can therefore recommend them without reservation.

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