Mit Haarteil in den Strandurlaub: Das müsst ihr beachten

With hairpiece to the beach vacation: What you need to consider

Summer, sun, beach and sea - what is an absolute blessing for body and soul, is rather a burden for the hair substance. And yet many women with "healthy" hair growth look for the perfect beach look. I still remember well that as a teenager - in the time before my hair replacement career - I constantly laid in the sun so that my hair became beautifully blond. Additionally, I used bleach sprays, which are absolute poison for the hair structure.

However, once you have to pay for your own hair, you (hopefully) become more careful. So, many women with hairpieces and wigs made of human hair are concerned when it comes to going on vacation with hair replacements for the first time. How do I store my hairpiece properly? What care products should I take with me? Which topper do I wear on the beach and in the water? Will the summer vacation harm my hairpiece? I will answer these and other questions in this blog article and tell you from my vacation experience with hairpiece.

Hairpiece care on vacation: this is how it works

The first question you need to ask yourself, how many hairpieces or wigs do you want to take with you? My recommendation is that you take at least two. One high quality hairpiece and one that is either ancient or was very inexpensive. For the evenings I like to use a high quality hairpiece, but on the beach, in the pool or in the sea expensive hair replacement from human hair has basically nothing to look for. Which brings us to rule number one:

    1. Hairpieces made of human hair must not come into contact with salt or chlorinated water

Bathing in the pool or sea is of course possible - but then you should make sure that your hairpiece does not come into contact with the water. For this, hairstyles such as a chignon or simply a barrette that holds all the hair up are ideal. If you are wearing an old topper, an occasional splash is not a bad thing - I would absolutely advise against high-quality hair replacement in such situations. In fact, the most pleasant thing to do is to go to the sea or pool completely without hair replacement. For this, you can use Hair bands that cover a relatively large area on the top of your head. If you don't have any hair on your head, you can use Beanie caps made of light fabric. This will also protect you from painful sunburn on the head, which happens to us more or less hairless quickly. Speaking of the sun - the second rule is:

    2. Protect hair pieces from strong sunlight

UV radiation bleaches hair. This is not a big deal for your own hair, and many people even want it to happen. But this does not bode well for the lifespan of hair replacements. If you have a hairpiece with a dark roots, you will notice it after the summer - after a few months of sun exposure, a hairpiece may need to be recolored. That's why when I'm on vacation, I make an effort to protect my hairpiece from the aggressive sun. For example, I wear hats or cover my hairpiece with a hair band. In principle, however, it is possible to have a hairpiece made of human hair recolored at the hairdresser.

    3. Storage on vacation

Even if you only take one hairpiece or wig with you on vacation - at night you have to store it somewhere. I always use the practical plastic Wig stands. These fold up really flat and therefore don't take up much space in your suitcase. When I stay in a hotel, I put the hairpieces I'm not using in a closet. There they are protected from light and dust and do not attract unnecessary attention from the staff.

    4. Hairpiece care on vacation: this belongs in the suitcase

Before going on summer vacation, I wash all the hairpieces that I want to take with me. So they get before the sunny trip once again a caring Deep Conditioning. This should usually last for 2 weeks, so I don't have to wash the toppers at all on vacation. So I just take argan oil for the tips with me. If you want to be on the safe side, you can take shampoo and conditioner in travel sizes.

    5. Warning: sunscreen on blond hair pieces

From my own experience, I can tell you: sunscreen with a high sun protection factor will turn your blonde hairpieces a nice shade of orange. In my case the color went out after a few washes. Nevertheless, I recommend you to be especially careful here. Either you cream yourself before you put on the topper or you make sure that the hair is reliably kept away from your creamed face and shoulders.

My ultimate tip for a vacation with hair replacement

Nobody cares about you! Instead of worrying about how you look or if you should really go around without a hairpiece, get the most out of your vacation! You will most likely never see these people again, so just do what you want. For me, it was an absolute revelation when I went swimming without a hairpiece after quite a few years. Let your soul dangle and just leave the hairpiece in the closet for once in this case. For the gala dinner in the evening you can put it on again :)

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