How-to: Wie bewahre ich mein Haarteil richtig auf?

How-to: How do I store my hairpiece properly?

Unlike hair systems that are connected to your own hair, hairpieces, and wigs can and should be removed at night. In case of emergency, it is possible to sleep with them as well, but it is absolutely not recommended. Of course, the question arises - where to put the hairpiece while I sleep? I use a super inexpensive solution: Wig stands. They only cost a few euros, are foldable (perfect for vacation!), and come in different colors. I currently keep all my toppers on a dresser - there they are lined up, so I can pick the right one every morning. But there are other options, such as a Wig hanger, that you can hang on a coat rod. This form is ideal if you have a lot of closet space or even a walk-in closet. The well-known Styrofoam head  is also suitable for storing a hairpiece. But be careful: please do not let your wig or hairpiece dry on a styrofoam head. This can cause you wigs to wear out and slows down the drying of the makeup, as there is no air circulation.

Storing hairpieces - this is the best way to go about it

If you have several hairpieces and only wear some of them on certain occasions, there is another way to store them. To protect the hairpieces from direct sunlight and dust, shoe boxes are suitable, for example - these can then be neatly stacked to save space. It is best to braid the hairpiece or wig and put a hair net over it before storing it. This way, the hair can't get tangled. In addition, you can wet the hair lengths with a little Argan Oil,  so that they do not dry out over time. Then you can carefully place the hairpiece in a Cotton bag and put it in the shoe box. The next time you wear the hairpiece, it should look its best. Do you have any other methods or tools for storing your hairpieces? Feel free to tell me about them in the comments!

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