How-to: Wie setze ich ein Haarteil richtig auf?

How-to: How do I put on a Hairpiece correctly?

Questions that always reach me are: "How do I put the hairpiece on? Can I do it myself or do I have to go to a specialist for it? How does the whole thing even hold?". There are actually different ways to attach a topper or hairpiece to your head. I have already listed some of them elsewhere. However, the most common are either clips or PU strips that can be glued. Since my toppers all use the clip method, I'd like to go into more detail here.

Attach hairpiece: Clipped in and done!

Since I've been wearing toppers, I'm done incredibly quickly in the morning. That's mainly because I only ever have to style my fluff, and I'm done with that in 15 minutes. After that, I just put on a topper and have a Good Hair Day every day. The fact that it's so quick is because of 5 little clips that are attached to the bottom of the topper. On the front, my toppers also have a small comb, which I personally find more comfortable than the clips at this point. So, I place the topper just behind my hairline and push the comb into my hair. Then I attach the two front clips and work my way around the topper until all the clips are closed.

Tips and tricks - here's what you should keep in mind

If you have a sensitive scalp, then you should be especially careful with the clips in the front. If you feel that the clips are too tight, then rather only loosely clip in or leave them completely out. You can also alternate the clips so you don't always stress the same areas on your head. When removing the topper, make sure that you push the hair out of the clips before you pull the topper off. Otherwise, it can pull and in the worst case, rip the hair out. There is one thing you should consider before ordering: Add a few extra centimeters to the size of the topper if you have a sensitive top of the head - that way, the clamps won't even sit in places that are sensitive. And if this is too complicated for you, just watch the video!