How-to: Haarteile online kaufen

How-to: Buy Hairpieces online

Buying hairpieces online is a bit like buying underwear online: Will it fit? Will it look good? Can I even return it if I don't like it? Of course, this question can't be answered universally - return policies vary from store to store. But this much can be said: Glückssträhnen hairpieces and wigs can be returned under certain conditions if they do not fit or please you. You can find out what these are here or in the FAQ.

Order Hairpieces on the Internet: What happens if I don't like them?

Especially as a beginner in hair replacement, you can be overwhelmed by the abundance of offers, options and statements on the Internet. You are unsure which hair replacement suits your own hair loss status. Whether a wig is better than a hairpiece. Which montures there are at all and which of them is the right one. Even with the hair color there can be uncertainty - of course, one usually knows what one's own hair color is. But one's own feeling does not necessarily match the color designations of the hair industry. Anyone who is very unsure should seek personal advice before buying.

To get these uncertainties out of the way, I offer a no-obligation 30-minute consultation via Skype video call. This way, we can figure out together what type of hair replacement you need. Through a video call, I can also already better assess which hair color might suit you. If I have a suitable hairpiece in stock, you have the option to have it sent to you for 3 days for viewing and to return it without giving reasons if you do not like it. For this service there is a fee of 10% of the purchase price. This way you can try on the hairpiece at home and see how you like it.

Custom-made Hairpieces: Your individual dream hair

If your hair color is very unusual or none of the hairpieces in stock fits you, then you have the option to order a custom hairpiece. In terms of price, there is no difference between a custom-made hairpiece and a hairpiece from the store - only the return options differ. A hairpiece that was made specifically for you and your needs cannot be returned. Of course, this does not apply to products that have a defect.

Custom-made hair replacement has the advantage that it is made individually for your needs and to fit your wishes. You can choose color creations such as Balayage, Ombré, or High- and Lowlights and create your dream hair.

Whatever you decide - an in-stock hairpiece from the online store or a hairpiece that is specially made according to your wishes - you will receive a high-quality hair replacement that will bring you joy again when you look in the mirror!