Haarteil kaufen: Tipps & Tricks für die erste Anprobe

Buying Hairpiece: Tips & tricks for the first fitting

Buying hair is a bit like Christmas Eve for children: when you unwrap it, you hope that it contains exactly what you wanted. What's more, you have to be very patient until you're allowed to open the package. It hits you all the harder when the contents aren't exactly what you imagined. Unlike when you were a kid, you probably spent a lot of money on your hairpiece - so the content just HAS to be convincing. If you've followed all the tips on my blog, then you've ordered from a retailer or brand that has lots of positive reviews and that you've found lots of pictures of from satisfied women. Now, of course, you have a certain expectation that the hairpieces will look at least as good on you. And that is from the second you throw them on your head.

Take your time to get used to them

In reality, unfortunately, it often looks different. By the time that salvation hairpiece reaches you, it may have been days or weeks in the making. It may be scrunched up and also not have the parting where you normally wear it. My first tip is to give you and your hairpiece time to get to know each other! There are people who can just throw hairpieces on and they fit perfectly. But it doesn't have to be that way for everyone. Especially if it's your first time trying on a hairpiece, you should be patient. Take a few days to wear the topper indoors or in another protected environment. This "trial wear" in your own home is very important: if you go out with it too soon, you may feel self-conscious and think that all the passersby are just staring at the hairpiece. I always wear my new toppers at home first, until I have them completely styled the way I like them. Only then does a Hairpiece really become my Hairpiece.

The hairpiece is here ... now it is styled

As soon as I have unpacked the topper, I first change the parting - because it is often in the middle. I always wear side parting and if I would put the Topper just like that on my head, it would not look natural, not like me. To change the parting on a silktop hairpiece, I spray the top of my head with a little water. Then I take a style comb to hand and rearrange the hair so that the parting is in the desired place. Then I blow dry the damp hair so that the new position can consolidate well. This is already the first step to make the topper more your topper. You can achieve a particularly natural look by placing the hairpiece a little bit behind your hairline and pulling out your own hair. This way, the transition to the hairpiece can be better concealed. If you don't have enough hair in the front, you can add some volume with dry shampoo to your color. Another tip is to spray the base of the hairpiece with a little water and then blow-dry it upwards. This way, the hair in the front stands up a bit and can be mixed better with your own hair.

Go to the hairdresser with the Hairpiece

If you really can't be bothered with the hairpiece at all, then there is always the option of professional assistance. You can get a fringe cut to fully conceal the hairline. You can have steps cut to frame your face and you can also have the Hairpiece colored if it is made of human hair. It is important that you have a hairdresser you trust, who is also confident in working on Hairpieces. Because one thing is for sure - what is off, is off! So as you can see, there are a few tricks to making friends with a new Hairpiece. Don't be disappointed if it doesn't immediately look like it does in the pictures of satisfied customers. Wearing Hairpieces requires a little practice and you only learn over time how to achieve the most natural look.