Haarteil bestellen: So findest du die richtige Größe

Order Hairpiece: How to find the right size

Before you decide on a hairpiece, you should consider a few points, so that you will be happy with your new hair in the end. In addition to hair length and hair color, this also includes the size of the hairpiece. Especially to the last point I get questions from women again and again, who are about to order alternative hair. They are often unsure how to measure their head or what the designations in many online stores even stand for.

Measure correctly: Where do you lose hair?

As mentioned in my post on the different types of Hair replacement, the individual hairs are knotted onto a montur (cap) - the hairpiece base. The size of this mount determines whether the hairpiece can do its job. If it's chosen too small, it won't cover all the areas affected by hair loss or may not give enough coverage when you tilt your head forward.

So what you need to ask yourself is this: What area of your head is affected by hair loss? Do you have a thinning top of your head, growing receding hairline, or even diffuse hair loss? It's best to take a tape measure and measure the thinning areas. First from the hairline to the end of the head, then from one side to the other - how big is the area you want to cover with the hairpiece?

And size does matter ...

In my experience, the top of the head can be quite sensitive - so clips attached in that area can be uncomfortable. I therefore prefer to order slightly larger toppers, which therefore don't need to be fastened in sensitive areas. If you also have a sensitive top of your head, then you should factor that into your calculations. If you order on an English or American site, the cap sizes are usually given in inches. This can look like this: 6x7". Don't let this confuse you - the quotation marks are an abbreviation for the Anglo-American unit of measurement, inches. There are many websites, where you can easily convert the measurements.

Since I have hair loss on the top of my head that continues to the back of my head, I prefer long toppers. My favorite size to order is 7x8 or 8x8 inches (17x20 or 20x20 cm) because that gives me enough coverage at the back of my head. Even if I tilt my head forward, this way no bald spot can peek out and the topper also covers my own hair better. If your hair loss isn't that advanced, a smaller cap size may be sufficient - just rely on your measuring tape! Still have questions about the topper size? Feel free to ask them in the comments.