Flugreise mit Haarteil: Das passiert beim Security-Check!

Air travel with hairpiece: The security check!

Vacation at last! And where the sun shines, no matter what the weather is like in Germany. A plane trip is usually something you look forward to weeks or even months in advance. But many women who wear hairpieces or wigs downright panic at the thought of going through security. Why? Well, the metal clasps on the underside could set off the alarm ... And then a woman would be forced to take off her hairpiece in front of everyone to prove that there is no weapon being smuggled under her hair.

I would like to tell all women who are afraid of this scenario about my recent experience. Within the last few weeks I have flown abroad as well as within Germany. So I stood patiently in line for security several times. I properly sorted my belongings into different plastic trays, emptied my pants pockets, took off my belt.

In the end, with only my clothes and hairpiece on, I went through the security scanner. I lined up in the scanner as instructed and waited for the security person to ask me to come back out. Indeed, something seemed to be wrong - so I was sent to a female staff member to examine me more closely. I followed the lady into a small booth and there she said to me: "Please take your ... shoes off!

My experience: As a rule, hairpieces and wigs do not trigger any "Alarm"

Based on my experience so far, I am very sure that you don't have to worry if you are going on an airplane trip with a hairpiece or wig. I have also heard from other women that they never had any problems passing the security check. The German airport controls are already quite strict, so if you come back from countries like Greece, you don't have to worry at all. There, the controls are rather lax.

With hairpiece through the security check: What to do if it happens?

I always feel safer when I think about what could happen in the worst case - and then prepare myself accordingly. So if, contrary to expectations, you are asked about your hair or head at the security checkpoint, tell the security person that you are wearing a hairpiece and would like a private booth. Just the information that you are wearing hair replacements is telling. Then it will most likely be enough that your head is carefully scanned from above. You don't have to take off your hairpiece or wig in front of everyone!

So, just relax and look forward to your next vacation - with or without air travel!