Haarausfall bei Frauen: Hilfe - ich brauche eine Perücke

Hair loss in women: Help - I need a wig

Having to wear a wig is like a nightmare for many women. End-of-the-line wig - that's how it feels when the hair loss has become so bad and noticeable that nothing else works except wigging or shaving it off.

I too had these thoughts, especially when my hair fell out at the age of 15 for no apparent reason. The fear was huge that this would now go on and on and that I would eventually need a wig.

It felt like giving up or dressing up and not being myself anymore. But I didn't need a wig at that point - for the next 20 years, hairpieces were my constant companions.

Sometimes things turn out differently than you think

I never thought I would voluntarily switch to a wig at some point. But in 2020, the time had come: my hairline kept receding due to androgenetic alopecia, making it increasingly difficult to conceal a silktopper. In addition, as the founder of Glückssträhnen, I also wanted to know what it meant for my clients to wear a wig permanently. 

The decision for the wig was made and suddenly it was more of an adventure. After so many years with hairpieces, it was again something completely new and there was of course also a little uncertainty. Would others notice something (apart from the color, which was completely different), would they look at my hairline, would the wig hold securely in all situations?

A wig can make life easier

The initial uncertainty quickly faded when I realized that no one noticed anything and the wig held up well to the daily routines of life. What was particularly positive for me was that putting the wig on in the morning was much quicker and less complicated than concealing the topper with my increasingly less hair in the front. 

The wig is easy to put on and because of the absolutely realistic lace front, it can be placed in front of my hairline and replaces it. I personally don't glue my wig, so it's really just "put it on and go". 

In the meantime, the experiment has turned into a full-time decision. I have been wearing my wig every day for over a year now and am very happy with it. I can choose my hair color and it no longer has to match my natural color - as it did with the topper.

I no longer have to straighten my natural curls to fulfill my desire for straight hair. I can change length and color at any time to suit my mood, without damaging my natural hair by bleaching or dyeing.

Happy with a wig - it's possible!

Of course, not everything is completely positive about wearing a wig, because as the name hair replacement suggests, it is not your own hair, but in a way a prosthesis. Well-made wigs can look very lifelike and almost like the original, but in the end, it remains something that you put on and take off in the evening.

Wigs, for example, can be just too much of a good thing on a really hot summer day. On a Greek vacation, I realized that I couldn't wear a wig permanently in that climate. The German summer, on the other hand, was absolutely bearable, even with a wig, except for a few off days.

Just jumping into the sea or the pool with a full head of hair - not advisable with a wig! I do not wear a wig in such situations, because salt and chlorinated water severely damage the hair and shorten the life of the wig. Of course, this is a limitation and in general, life with hair replacement is less free than completely without with your own hair.

But I gladly accept these (few) restrictions if I can have the hair of my dreams in return.

My conclusion: Why not sooner?

My fears and anxieties about wearing a wig have not come true. For me, putting on my hair in the morning is not dressing up or giving myself up. After all, I wear a bra, pants, and shoes in addition to the wig. The wig is simply another piece of clothing that I don't leave the house without (usually).

My wig is part of my identity, it is a piece of me. It adds the finishing touch to a chic outfit and gives me a kick for self-confidence even on not-so-good days.

But of course, this is just my personal opinion and experience. For many women, completely shaving their head hair can also be a liberating blow. You have to decide for yourself which is the right way for you.

I hope that I could take away your fear of the step to the wig a little bit! If you have any questions about wigs in particular and second hair in general, feel free to contact us.

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