Pony topper Sophia with highlights | 16×16 cm cap | 41-50 cm long | M0291

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  • Hair length 41-50 cm from crown to tips
  • Cap size 16x16 cm 
  • Has no parting, can only be worn as a braid
  • Color dark brown with highlights
  • Density 110 % (medium)
  • Smooth texture (dries smoothly and quickly)

The pony topper has no parting and accordingly can not be worn open.

🚚 Delivery is within 2 to 5 days. Orders are usually shipped on the same day or the next business day. Please note before ordering that you are also present in this period. Orders cannot be shipped delayed on your preferred date.

You are still unsure what might suit you? Then feel free to send us some daylight pictures of your hair situation - we will then make a recommendation.

To make sure the hair length is right for you, please take a flexible measuring tape and measure from the center parting down the side of your head to the tips. Ideally, the topper will be 2 cm longer than your own hair.

Your own hair is shoulder-length or shorter? Then you should not choose a topper that is more than 5 cm longer. At this length, your own hair and the topper hair do not mix optimally and there is a clearly visible step. This affects realism very much and does not lead to a nice result. Please then choose a topper that is the same length or up to 5 cm longer.

The hairpiece is attached to the natural hair with six soft clips and a flexible comb in the front. The clips are easy to open and close and are particularly gentle on the natural hair and scalp. Experienced users can attach and detach the hairpiece within seconds - saving valuable minutes in the bathroom in the morning.

This topper is made of 100% real Remy hair and can be styled like your own hair. You can straighten, blow dry and curl it as you like; no expensive care products are necessary. You can get everything you need in terms of care in the drugstore and the hairdresser's supplies.

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